Series, includes twelve variations 

The geometrical transmutation of a circle can be further developed to a geometrical configuration if you, for example, connect two circles of the same size. Through the variation of combinations of both elements, exciting spatial constellations are resulting time and again.

The curved shapes of both circles sometimes appear harmonious and sometimes seem to fight each other. Every single constellation creates new interpretable movements.

An important aspect of these works is the nature of the sculpture’s body surface. Choosing the ideal surface should be based on the fact where tips and surfaces meet due to geometry.  

Using mat surfaces in connection with white color, the message remains in the strict geometrical field. If, however, the decision is made for a very shiny, metallic characteristic, then reflections are resulting in the area of tips and surfaces that will appear very attractive under the effect of light.

A composition of all twelve different variations of this configuration will later on form a project. The new forms could present their spatial constellation best in a major project.

Zwei Kreiskonfiguration I
Zwei Kreiskonfiguration II