Major project „Kuben“
Series, includes 15 variations

The major project „Kuben“ uses the interaction of transmutation and configuration that was developed within the scope of „PT21“, however it has a completely different conceptual line.

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Kubus 04Kubus 04
During the processing of a cube within the scope of a volume constant transmutation – see „Cube to pyramid“– so far three basically different approaches have been realized:

– The division of the original cube into a three and a four-sided pyramid which will be used for transmutation afterwards.
– The division of the original cube into a cube and, for example, a dodecahedron.
– A cube transmutation chain that includes, for example, all platonic bodies.

For the major project „Kuben“, a fourth approach was developed:

The transmutation is solely limited to the body of a cube which is, as starting position, subdivided into eight smaller cubes. These eight cubes will undergo a transmutation in very different and optically exciting ways afterwards. A further division of the individual interior spaces of the cube into geometric splinters leads to a number of usable elements. The exact compliance with the initial volume allows the reassembly of the eight transmuted cubes to the initial original cubes

Kubus 07Kubus 07
Kubus 06
Kubus 09Kubus 09
To make full use of the artistic possibilities of the concept, one of the eight cubes of the first divisional generation prior to its transmutation is once more divided into eight small cubes. As a consequence, a strictly geometric sculptural landscape of 15 transmuted cubes in two dimensions is resulting: Seven cubes from the first divisional generation and eight from the second.

These 15 individual cube transmutations, on the other hand, can be arranged as appealing configurations through geometric assembly. In total, the transmutation process results in 122 splinters from interior spaces of the cube.
The major project „Kuben“ will have a high aesthetic charm on the viewer and the interaction of geometrical shapes, sizes and volume ratio as well as the day-dependent lighting atmosphere will create an intellectually stimulating space.
To optimally transport the clarity of form and the light variations, the transmuted cubes are realized with white outer shell and the subsurface should be a uniformly bright area. A cube of the first divisional generation would be approx. five to seven and a half meters high.