Major project “PT 21” (pyramid transmutation)
Series, includes 21 variations 

The title of the very large project concerning both content and scope is “PT 21″.

The idea is to set up 21 transmuted four-sided pyramids with equal volume, each approx. 30 to 50 meters high, on a large and very bright level like, for example, a saltwater lake or a desert landscape and thus, to create an impressing form of a sculpture landscape. Of course, it would be possible and a lot more rewarding, even if more utopian, to create a complete wasteland like the Moon or Mars.

The individual 21 pyramids currently only exist as a small-sized model that is, in this strongly reduced form, already unfolding a charming, stimulating effect on the viewer’s mind. Accompanying scientific contributions covering the fields of culture, research and technology will emphasize the intercultural overall significance of the project.

Brochure PT 21
Project documentation (German)
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At first sight, it may well not be the time for this undertaking considering the dimensions but art always has also the mission to move boundaries. It was the painter Cennino Cennini who demanded the right for artists in about the year 1400 to imagine the impossible and to display the thinkable, “so that it will be what is not”.

The project PT21 is of high cultural importance as it developed from a primal geometrical form that is known for millenniums.

There is another philosophy behind, other than with Cheops or Chephren in Egypt which have a religious background. PT 21 refers to the increasingly complex development of science and technology in the 21st century, but is however a reference in the field of arts.

PT 21-4
PT 21-11
PT 21-8

Exhibition PT 21 in the planetarium Mannheim

The project PT21 for the first time was presented to the public in the planetarium Mannheim in 2008. Because the most utopian formation you can think of represents a meager surface of planet Mars, parts of the sculptures were included in a three-dimensional dome projection of the Martian landscape.

Prof. Dr. Ernst-Peter Fischer gave the laudation

Major Project „PT21“
Planetarium Mannheim 2008
Laudation Prof. Dr. Ernst Peter Fischer (German)
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