Many materials are suitable for a transmutation process. A decisive point here is the possibility to change a material in its substance or terms of use by different, external influences.

As a result, there are new optical forms of appearance that can have a very attractive effect. In some cases, the transmutation process leads to particularly attractive results which offer the chance to develop them further on the basis of a creative idea. In this moment, the material changes condition, leaves its original function and starts to become part of a piece of art.

Corrugated board
Curved corrugated board
Twin-wall sheets and hard-foam board

If the creative idea is strong enough and has improved during several spiritual stages, this can lead to artistic results where the material is not perceived as one among many decorative elements of an artwork, but itself mature into a content definition. Only one material which special properties are in the position to inspire the artist fancifully has the potential.

Brochure material transmutation
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