The basic idea for these objects originally derives from two-dimensional artistic works, a series of design variants that become apparent in reliefs and plastics.

The primal geometric form of the circle follows mathematical laws that are represented in both variants as well in the two-dimensional as also in the three-dimensional space..

Transmutation of a circle by geometric division, two-dimensional.

Transmutation of a circle by geometric division, three-dimensional
Series, includes four variations
Kreisumwandlung IKreisumwandlung I
Kreisumwandlung III


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Circle and ball

Circle and ball are subject to the same geometrical laws. For the ball, these are transferred into the three-dimensional space.

Plastik aus Kreissegmenten
Plasik aus KreiselementenPlastik aus Kreissegmenten II
All elements as well as their arrangement are based on circular and ball forms.
Format, number and size of the arches are depending on the location.
All elements exactly fit concentrically in a circular or ball form in spite of a different inclination. When you install the plastic over calm water, the indicated hemisphere gives the impression of an indicated full sphere through the wraparound effect.

Major project GALAXIE 20

Information about these sculptures can be found under Major project – GALAXIE 20

Circle and square

A square with a circle inside offers the possibility of geometrical metamorphosis or a configuration plastic due to the matching dimensions..



Konfiguration von Kreis und Quadrat
This object obtains its special character from a two-dimensional, strictly geometrical construction that transfers into the third dimension.
By the geometrical construction, the beam thickness of the straight line as well as the bars of the circle segments remain constant and proportional to the size of the object without any deviation.
This work can be developed further to a major project as a series.