Cycle geometrical transmutation- and configuration art

During my artistic development works to this cycle I found some very interesting findings on the mathematical correlations which combine the regular bodies and also some other forms. From a content and aesthetic point of view, however, I differ on the common practices of mathematics..

Circle to square
Square to cube
Cube to pyramid
Pyramid to octahedron

In the elaboration process of the basic idea, a conclusive artistic chain of thoughts was created. The features include many different combinations that, however, all must be borne in mind within certain recurring geometrical laws. For that reason, the works as a whole are part of a cycle in spite of their individual differences.

The works of the cycle of the transmutation- and configuration art tend to use the means of alienation in order to modify the original object to achieve a different shape. This differentiates this works from my pure geometric works.

Examples of objects of geometrical transmutation- and configuration art.