In the course of the artistic maturation of the ideas underlying all works in this field, the use of the special features of geometric objects necessarily became a conclusion: Their free scalability of the physical size without changing the artistic quality. The idea of major projects like „PT21“ and „Galaxie“ is based on that thought.  

Only with expansive dimensions, the substantive artistic intentions can find their complete expression and encourage the viewer to be open for the subject matter and to deal with it. The works should be designed accessible to take the viewer away into a former unknown world of sculptures and to make the relationships comprehensible.


Every work of these concepts can be realized as handy small-sized model and also as major project in various dimensions. If you are interested, the relevant aspects will be discussed for the size you prefer and for the set-up position individually. The material of the individual works to be constructed has yet to be definitely determined and should be adapted to local conditions..