Major project GALAXIE 20
Series, includes four variations  

In 1971, I was dealing with the opportunities of the circular form, and in this way, I consequently ended up with the ball form.

The „Galaxie“ resulted from the division and folding of two even, plane and circular disks. It is a transmutation to spherical space.

In order to show the diversity of the structure, the object should be constructed very large-dimensioned. This does not only strengthen the impression through the structured space, which itself is already aesthetically interesting, the angle-dependent lighting effect gives the work an own atmosphere at every time of day. For the viewer, the work appears lively and stimulating as the experience of art interacts with its direct environment.
That is why I think of an accessible „Galaxie“ for the realization of this major project where the viewer can approach from the flat plain but also from the center of the object.
For example, smaller variants of the „Galaxie“ could be installed onto calm water surfaces. Then, the result is a spherical impression of the „Galaxie“ object through reflection on the water surface.
Galaxie Ausschnitt I
Galaxie Ausschnitt II